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INTERESTING READ... december 2013

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I did not choose this profession, quite on the contrary, there was a time when I would have done anything but this, because despite all my past superficiality and unawareness, I realised how much responsibility, courage, and patience this profession required.
When I had no choice, and I started off on this road, I was happy I would be able to somehow give something back to the society where I was raised and where I developed at least a small part of the wonderful things that helped me become who I am today.
I never once thought that it was going to be this give beautiful things to people, but the openness, and the innocence with which children receive these things helped me get pass the impulse of giving up.
Drawing the line on the year that is approaching the end, I've concluded that this is only the beginning of everything I've set to achieve, because maybe I am still lacking the courage and patience, but I am, however, willing to accept the difficulty and obstacles this road raises.
"Instead of words, the teacher has to learn silence; instead of teaching the children, she has to watch them; instead of investing with a dignity full of pride that wants to seem flawless, should invest with modesty.
When she feels full of interest, seeing the spiritual phenomena that go on in the child, when she makes proof of a serene and endless joy, observing all these phenomena, it is only then that she can be "initiated".
It is only then that she starts becoming a "teacher". "
Maria Montessori "Pedagogie scientifique", tome 2: education elementaire.