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INTERESTING TO READ... september 2013

A few days ago, I posted on the facebook page Antonescu's letter to his wife, before execution. 
You can read it here:
After this post, I was asked whether I was one of Antonescu's supporters and what Antonescu had to do with education ;)))))
When I read this letter, I said to myself: here is another way to find out, to learn things about the history of the country we live in.
Because after I read it, I started searching, asking, I wanted to understand as much as possible about who Ion Antonescu was and what he did, apart from what I already knew: that he was a legionary.
If you offer access to sad events in a people's history in a way that brings no accusations does not mean that you support those things.
No matter how many horrible or unconceivable things they do, people do have something good in them...or even if they don't (though I don't believe that!), then the purpose of their actions was to teach us something.
And our duty is to remember the horrible things some people did in the past, so that we or our children do not repeat them.....and we can remember that in a nice way.
And Antonescu's letter was a good introduction to the reading of sad events that took place at the time...
To conclude: I am for the access to information, in a nice and objective way, that's it.