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The Right Place
I'm on a holiday, like mostly everybody…even if not physically, my mind still is on a holiday… :)
Apart from the many other things I need to do, these past days I've done a retrospective of the Montessori training course that ended no longer than a month ago. 
I've read and reread certain notes, looked at many drawing, and just when I was wondering: how do you know if you're in the right place in life, generally, I came across a drawing with a few notes on the back: "Impressions". 
I'll share these impressions with you…
Musée Rodin
December 14, 2012
At first, I had the tendency to draw the same thing I did the first time: "hands" - in fact, I even sat in front of the work "Lovers Holding Hands". But then I realised that I did it unconsciously, because it gave me safety: if I managed to do it the first time, I will most certainly manage to do it now. 
Then, I decided it was time to pick something else, maybe something less complicated. And I finally made my choice: The Thinker.
I sat and I watched. It was much easier to start the drawing than it was the first time. I started with the elements I found to be simpler: the stone, then the body, piece by piece. 
I felt much more reassured and I was not disturbed by the glances of passers-by.
After I was done, I got up and I looked at the sculpture from all directions, and I realised that the angle from which I made the drawing was the easiest to render for me.
So I made an analogy with daily life and I thought that: we should never doubt that the place we are at is good for us at that specific time. 
I believe life always brings each of us in the right places, at the right times, so that we succeed in our goals, and even if we don't have any goals, simply to help us learn or acquire something. 
The Thinker might have made me think a bit…..
I'll conclude by quoting Rodin saying that "Beauty is everywhere" and adding: "even in my drawing" ;)
December 14, 2012
03:20 pm
As for the drawing, well, I'll keep that for myself…