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A Few Words about Montessori…
A pedagogic method that teaches you how to live: live in harmony with yourself and with the people around you.
It teaches you to know, recognise, know yourself and admit things to yourself.
But its main purpose is to help the child develop normally, both physically and spiritually.
I believe we've all wondered at least once what good does it do us to learn some mathematical formulae or designations, for instance.
The answer is: it does no good, unless we understand the concept.
The concept of 0 the child learns about around the age of 4.
He learns that 0 is "nothing", and then, when he begins learning about the decimal system, he learns about its importance depending on the position it occupies: the value of 0.
Thus, though it might be of no value, it can also give value, depending on the position it occupies.
Isn't that how it is in life? We feel more or less valuable, depending on the persons we are next to or vice versa. 
Another mathematical concept the little ones integrate: By understanding the cardinal value of a number, i.e. the fact that any number comprises the one(s) before it, he will understand the so-called "cardinal" value of man.
Because each of us encompasses everything that was before: the history of previous generations.
And that is how units are connected based on the principle of inclusion, but doesn't that apply in the case of human beings, as well?
Mathematics, as introduced in the Montessori system, allows the child to access the complexity of the world. Helps him build humanity inside him, because the material represents millions of years of evolution.
And mathematics is but one of the 4 fields the child encounters in the environment prepared for the 3-6 years old group…
When I was little, I always used to wonder "what is it with the world?, how are things in the world?, how should they be?, why are things like that?, what is the connection between me and everything that surrounds me?”.
And I am firmly convinced that all children have such questions....and the sad thing is that we grow up into adults without having found answers to these questions...or even forget the questions altogether.
Montessori philosophy brought me the answers I needed and things proceed naturally, because other questions were born...
The important thing is to know where to look.
Montessori does not mean only materials and, through them, the access to information we store, Montessori is a life philosophy. You either adopt it, or not.

"Progress does not depend on the object as such, but on how you use it."
Maria Montessori