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"Let me describe a psychological complex.
Nowadays, most parents feel sublime joy upon the birth of their child who is idealised through the force of love. However, as the child develops, he starts causing nuisance. Thus, we remorsefully try to defend ourselves against him/her. We are happy when he sleeps, so we try to make him sleep as much as possible.
Those who can find it in themselves to leave the child on a stranger's hands, entrust him to a nanny, and, if they have the courage, they try to spend as much time as possible without the child being around.
And if the child, this ignored being, who is not understood, and acts under the effect of unconscious impulses, refuses to obey, we punish him, we struggle against him who, as fragile as he is, has to put up with everything.
Thus, a "conflict" is born in the spirit of the adult who loves the child, in principle, maybe not necessarily, not without remorse.
Then, the game between the conscious and the unconscious finds a new arrangement inside the man. It is, as Freud calls it, a valve.
The unconscious takes advantage and suggests: "What you're doing is not to defend yourself from the child, it is your duty towards him, it is for the higher good. Quite on the contrary, such behaviour requires courage, because this is how you educate him, you strive to develop the "good" in him.” 
This arrangement brings relief, but also buries the initial natural feelings of admiration and love. 
This applies to all parents, because the phenomenon is part of the human nature. Thus, a kind of "unconscious defence organisation" is created between all parents in the world. The rely on each other and the entire society is a collective unconscious, where they all act in joint agreement to alienate the child: they act for his wellbeing, they fulfil their duty towards the child, they even make a sacrifice.
I propose a logo to illustrate the phenomenon. The good actually is concealed evil, organised evil, which is an unconscious solution for serious conflicts. Nobody desires the other's misfortune, everybody is striving towards good, but the good we want actually is bad.
Thus, the society has created an organisation of evil taking the shape of good and which is imposed in society to the entire humanity, by way of suggestion. The initials of these words will give OMBIHUS.” (the initials come from the words in Italian).
"The Formation of Man” – Maria Montessori 
Yes… no matter how "gilded" the outer layers are.