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INTERESTING TO READ... ianuarie 2013

The First Day of School for Mothers
Do you remember the double-sided jackets? ;) Of the 2-in-1 type. Depending on the rest of the outfit, you decide on what side to wear it.
Well, this is pretty much our story…it all depends on who reads it, because it comes with a message for both the young, and the elder. 
I have discovered it during one of the Montessori classes I have observed, and I found it very funny, and very true, so I thought it would be interesting to translate it and send it to you.
First Day of School for Mothers
"This is the first day of school after the summer holidays.
Pauline was the first to wake up. She gets out of the bed and goes wake mummy up; she is still sleeping.
She says: "Wake up, mummy! It is time to wake up, we'll be late for school!"
But mommy sinks her head in the pillow and says: "No, no, no!"
"I don't want to! Not yet! It is still very early! And then, I want to go walking with you today, go swimming, and play tennis with your father. No, no, no! I don't want to go to school!"
Pauline whispers: "Come on, mummy, be reasonable*. Come on, get up! You're all grown up, you know summer can't last forever! And then, what comes after summer? It's….? Autumn! And what happens in autumn? School starts! There you go! That's it! That's how things are!"
In the end, the mother gets up mumbling**. She aranges her red t-shirt, her bathing suit, her white sandals, and the plastic beach bag in the closet.
She puts on her grey skirt, gets a bit angry because she can't manage to zip it up: "Please, help me, Pauline. Look for my purse and my keys." 
She puts on her coat and her rain boots, she takes the purse Pauline found, and frowns: "I'm ready!"
And they go. 
On the road, Pauline tries to cheer up her mother: "Look how beautiful autumn is! The leaves are already yellow, the wind is still pleasant. You know, mommy, the day will pass quickly. You'll run to the office, read your mail, type something, call grandma, talk to your friends, and tell them about the first day of school, and it'll already be afternoon!"
But the mother mumbles and starts walking more slowly. Pauline says to herself: "She's doing that on purpose, to piece me off!" 
"Come on, mommy, would you walk a bit faster, we'll be late!"
In front of the school, there are many mothers who are not very thrilled about the first day of school and stand in front of the entrance, with a gloomy look. Their children pretend they don't see anything.
They meet all their mates: "Pauline, did you go to the seaside? You have a great tan. I was at the countryside where there were pigs, sheep, and I found blueberries in the woods…I'll tell you all about it….What grade are you in, this year? Oh, look, Mimi cut her hair! She looks good!"
The mother also speaks, but without enthusiasm: "My boy is 5cm taller. Mine weighs 2 kg more", says another mother. "My daughter caught butterflies. Mine "caught" German measles", says another.
The bell finally rings. The children rush into their mothers' arms. Pauline says: "See you soon, mommy! Brace up! Go and catch the bus. It's time!"
Antoine says: "Have a great day at work, mom! See you tonight. Don't worry, nothing bad is going to happen to me while you're away!"
Nina says: "Mommy, if you feel weak, take your vitamins, and be careful not to lose your keys like you did last year."
Children make the last recommendations. Some of the mothers have tears in their eyes. They are sniffling, because they forgot their handkerchiefs at home.
Some of them won't let their children go, others stay behind the school fence.
The mother say:
"One more kiss!"
Because it is the first days of school, and the children are very understanding and patient, they give them another kiss on the cheek. 
Pauline takes a severe tone: "That's it, mommy. Enough. I've got work to do here. See you soon."