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INTERESTING TO READ... november 2012

Memorable Words
What I've noticed so far during this training course (Montessori Pedagogy 3-6 years old) is that it greatly changes you. 
Day-to-day situations and discussions help you bring all defects to light. You can no longer conceal them somewhere in the past, as the time has come to acknowledge and integrate them.
Minimum information for maximum use.
This sentence helped me understand how it is that I should do things in the class, with the children, but I believe it does not only concern this aspect.
My tendency in the relation with children - and I believe it also is the tendency of many parents - always was to offer them as much information as possible about everything that surrounds them. I wanted to give them a clear image on the surrounding world, hoping that they will thus have everything they need to understand things and people. 
Maybe that is wrong. Because you can share information that you have acquired through your own experience. They had a certain impact on you, and it might be different for others. 
I did the same with the people around me, and often tried to offer them things that changed me in a good way, but that were of no value to them.
We should not give directions, precise information, we should only "awaken the joy of creative expression and the thirst for knowlege." 
« Es ist die wichtigste Kunst des Lehrers, die Freude am Schaffen und am Erkennen zu wecken».
I believe people should be allowed to follow their path (starting from an early age), and maybe, using means that are completely different from ours, they will get "to the same place" where we were or still are.
"Albert Einstein – Memorable Words"