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INTERESTING TO READ... october 2012

Scientific Pedagogy
How many of those who come into contact with Montessori education actually manage to fully understand it? 
Because, in my opinion, it is not mere pedagogy, but a lifestyle, and I would recommend everyone to study it, to enrich their soul and spirit.
I will start with a quote from Maria Montessori (of course) who made me smile, a bit embarrassed of the number of times I did so in various life situations.
"When they are expecting a profane public, scientists prepare a long row of already set-up microscopes, because they know the visitors want to see "immediately, fast, and a lot!”
We can very well imagine a scientist who highly contributes to the laboratory work and who has all sorts of guests, from civil officials, and all kind of important people in the field, but who, however, is willing to show a cellular tissue on the microscope, to a lady. He does it all naturally, in slow, focused, and serene motion; he cuts a very fine section of a paraffin-coated piece; carefully wipes the glass in which the tissue is kept; carefully wipes the microscope lens; puts everything into place, and starts explaining. 
Of course, during all this time, the lady constantly was on the verge of saying:”Excuse me, sir, but I have a meeting, I have many things to do!” 
When she finally looks and does not see a thing, her regret becomes implacable: "What a waste of time!”
What is missing is not time, but patience!”
Yes, it is true, in order to see beautiful things, things that will help us develop, we need patience: with our children, with us, with people around us.
Unfortunately, we live in a society where things happen at the speed of light, where patience is often mistaken for waste of time. But immediate results are not always the best, or the ones that will matter in time….
Take your time and watch your children, but also the people around you, and you will find that they can do wonderful things without our constant intervention, caused by prejudgements.
"Scientific Pedagogy” vol. 2 – Maria Montessori