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INTERESTING TO READ... february 2012

Maria Montessori's Own Handbook


Chapter 7 - Freedom
”What we all want for ourselves, i.e. not to be disturbed in our work, not to encounter obstacles in our work, have good friends, who are ready to help us when we need it, friends with whom to share our joy, who are equal to us, whom we can trust, that is what we need, so that the company is pleasant, and the friendship is a good one.

Similarly, children are human beings who must be treated with respect, beings who are superior to us by virtue of their innocence and of the great possibilities the future has in store for them. They also want what we want.

However, as a rule, we do not respect our children.

We try and push them to follow us, without paying attention to their special needs. We are arrogant to them, and, above all, impolite, and then we expect them to obey and behave well, though we are aware of how powerful their imitation instinct is and of the way in which their trust in us and their admiration for us touches their soul. 

In any case, they will imitate us.

Consequently, let us treat them with all the kindness we would like to see develop in them.
And by kindness I do not mean caresses.  
I mean, if someone were to hug us when introduced, wouldn't we see that person as impolite, vulgar, and lacking manners? 
Kindness means interpreting the other person's desire according to own desires, and sacrificing, if necessary, the own desire.
This is the kindness we should show to our children.”
(Pp. 89-90 - ”Dr. Montessori's Own Handbook” – Maria Montessori)